Honduras Wednesday and Thursday

Wednesday morning our two groups of 5 men each left Ignite Missions at 6:30 and drove until 8:00 to a small village where we spent the day. One group worked at a the home of a family there in the village, and the other group put in a porch outside the house of Pastor Freddie, who is a pastor through Ignite missions in his village. After working at the two homes all day, we had dinner at the church next to Pastor Freddie’s house and then participated in the 7:00 PM church service. After the service we fed the church members dinner. We arrived back at Ignite Wednesday night at 10:00PM. Thankfully, our luggage had finally arrived during the day on Wednesday and we were able to have the things we had been missing from our luggage for three days. Thursday morning our two groups worked doing floors and porches in homes in very remote areas. The family members were very appreciative of our work and they loved getting the candy and blankets from our Summer Grove family! …

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Honduras Day Two – Tuesday Work in Tatumbla

Today all ten men from our group worked together and put in four floors, all in a cluster of homes where one large family lives. On the way back to Ignite Missions, the cement mixer broke which means our work the rest of the week will be much slower and more difficult. Tomorrow we will work in a community about an hour and a half away and will lead the church service that night in the same community. Today our luggage still did not get to us, so we will go through Wednesday wearing some of the same clothes we have worn since leaving home Monday morning. Thankfully we are getting clothes washed tonight! Some of our men had a great Gospel conversation today with many of the women from the family whose homes we were working on. God used our men to help the women develop a better understanding of what it means to know Him and walk in the light of His love. Thank you for your prayers!…

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Honduras Ignite Missions Day 1 – Monday

Our group left Shreveport at 6:00 AM and connected with our Honduras flight in Atlanta. Upon arriving in Tegucigalpa, we had lunch at Burger King and then drove to the Ignite Missions property where Sam and Peggy Feazel will eventually have their complete mission home with dorms, meeting space, and more! Only two of our eight suitcases made it to Honduras so we had to stop by Wal-Mart to get some “necessities”. The group had a great attitude regardless of our situation and tonight we spent time sharing our reasons for coming on the trip as well as telling about what we hope to see God do through our time here in Honduras. Thank you for your prayers as we work and share this week! We will be doing manual labor in homes, mainly putting floors in homes.

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Malnutrition Center – last day

Today was our last day at the center! We had the most amazing time seeing all of the children. They have forever touched our lives! We absolutely loved having our own Summer Grove family  as interns  it was so wonderful to see them.

Today was a tearful goodbye and it was incredibly hard to leave. We are so thankful for all of the prayers that we have received over the past few days. Please pray for safe travels home!…

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Malnutrition Center day 3- Guatemala

It was a beautiful day in Guatemala today!! We had a wonderful day at the center. Some of our team members were actually able to see and visit with the children that they sponsor and their families! It was such a blessing to see how healthy and happy they were! The off campus day care center learned about Moses and the Red Sea. In the Dolphin room we worked with the children on reaching for toys and we helped them attempt to strengthen their legs.

It is an absolute joy to be with the children and to see how quickly they seem to improve. We have seen such a difference in just the short time we have been here.

Tomorrow is our last day at the center and we are already dreading saying goodbye. Please keep our team in your prayers!…

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Day 2 at the Malnutrition Center – Guatemala


We had such an awesome day today! Our team is doing a fabulous job each in their own areas! Everyone is falling in love with all of the children at the center and the off campus daycare.

Today in the “Dolphins Room” a new little girl arrived. She was terribly upset about leaving her mom and dad and it broke all of our hearts. She cried for hours asking for her “Mama” and “Papa”. After a while she was laughing and playing with our youth! I continue to be amazed with the young girls on this trip and what an amazing job they are doing. They each have such a servants heart and it is showing everyday! I am so incredibly proud of our girls!

As you pray for our team, please add the precious nannies that work at the center to your prayers. These women are unbelievable!

We are all off to bed because we are so blessed to get to do it again tomorrow! Thank you for all of your prayers!!…

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First day at the Malnutrition Center – Guatemala

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    We had an amazing day at the center! We were greeted by some of our own college students who are doing an internship with Orphans Heart this summer. We divided into several different  groups. We had a large group travel to an off campus daycare, a group with the on campus daycare, groups with babies, and a group that went to a senior adult daycare center. We spent our day cleaning, cooking, playing and loving on all of the beautiful people at all of the centers! We can’t wait to do it all again tomorrow! Please continue to pray for our team and our families at home.

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