Day 5

We think it’s safe to say Day 5 has been the best one yet! Our whole group had the amazing opportunity to travel 2.5 hours up the Orizaba Mountains to minister to churches and people in 2 different villages. Dr. Chris Trosclair headed up a medical team, treating almost 70 patients, passing out medicine and other needed ailments to local people, ranging from small children to the elderly. Part of our team also devoted their time to painting part of a home that needed some cleaning and assistance. We also ministered to the children there with songs and crafts. What a day to remember! God is so good!!

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Day 4

Day 4 was one to remember! We had the awesome opportunity to cook homemade gumbo and Mrs. Helen’s famous strawberry cake for the people at MITC, and they loved it! After our delicious lunch, our team visited a local orphanage and ministered to the people there with worship, crafts, and sharing testimonies by Sydney Scott. It was a moving experience and such a blessing to be apart of! We have definitely left a piece of our heart here in Córdoba. What an amazing trip so far!

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Day 3

Day 3 at MITC was a great one! We began our day at 6:00am with breakfast with the students and a devotion lead by Mr. James Roach. The remainder of our day consisted of painting our villas on campus, mowing laws and chapel with worship from Mallory and Kendall and a message from Paul Flowers. We couldn’t be happier to be here serving our people here at MITC!

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Day 2

What a wonderful first day spent in Córdoba!! Our group spent the first part of their day serving at the church of La Cumbre, with worship, crafts and Bible stories lead by some of our team members, as well as preaching from Brother Billy Crosby. The evening time was spent at a church downtown called Eben Ezer, with preaching from Richard Watts. We are already loving on the students here at MITC and can’t wait to see what else is in store for our week here!

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Day 1

And they’re off! Our team left on Saturday morning to drive to the airport in Houston, and their flight left at around 6pm. Pray for them as they travel and arrive late Saturday night. Pray for a fruitful week for them, safety for the team, and that God’s name would be magnified.

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We have a large group of Summer Grove members and friends heading to Mexico this Saturday (June 3). They will be sharing the love of Christ to the people at Mexican Indian Training Center (MITC) and the surrounding communities. Join us in praying for them as they travel on Saturday, and then throughout the week as they minister in Cordoba.

Location: Cordoba, Veracruz in Central Mexico

Focus: To partner with Mexican Indian Training Center (MITC) by ministering in the following areas: painting, welding, sewing, working with children, yard work, teaching, preaching, singing, cooking and carpentry.

Trip Leader: Cecil Snider

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Nicaragua – Monday 9/25

After a night’s rest and cold showers, we headed to the Mission property for breakfast at 7:30am. We had a delicious breakfast of eggs, pancakes and bacon before walking the pastor training center building and planning our first projects.

We then had the incredible privilege of attending a family celebration of their daughters 15th birthday. It was a family and community celebration that we won’t soon forget. We stopped on the way to pick up three freshly baked birthday cakes. We carried the still-warm cakes with us in the trucks as far as we could go up the mountain. We then had to hike up the mountain about 30 or 40 minutes to the small home where the celebration took place. Much of the path up the mountain was not easy terrain, fortunately the locals carried the cakes for us or they never would have made it to the celebration if we had tried to carry them!

The celebration included singing (a lot), a sermon and numerous time of prayer. The girls parents and many others took the opportunity to pray over her – it was a blessing for us to be there. There was no hurry to finish – what was “scheduled” to last till about noon didn’t finish until close to 2:30pm.

After the trek down the mountain, we stopped to check on hardware supplies and pickup a few groceries on the way back to the Mission property. Once back at the Mission property it began to rain, just as a local family was finishing their laundry in the river. After they got out, the river rose quickly and powerfully.

Despite the rain and our schedule not going as planned, we able to make some progress on electrical wiring, hot water heater piping and preparing for water filter installation before a late dinner of ribs, beans, and pasta salad.

We finished the day with our missionary sharing about the region and his vision for training pastors and planting churches in 7 communities along the primary route. We shared just how blessed we really are and expressed our gratitude to God for his great love, grace, mercy and provision.

Satisfied serving Him,

Nicaragua 2017 Team



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Nicaragua – Sunday 9/24

After a good nights sleep, we woke up Sunday morning to a light rain and took what will likely be our last hot shower for several days. It is definitely our last night sleeping with air conditioning until we return to Managua Friday evening. We enjoyed a 7:30am hot breakfast at the hotel with eggs, pancakes, toast and beans & rice. We then loaded, in the rain, the back of the truck with the few belongings the missionaries brought from the states, along with household supplies purchased in Managua. Once the load was secured, we circled and Pastor Pablo prayed thanking God for His many blessings and asking for His protection for our journey to Rio Blanco.

On the way, we narrowly missed hitting a monkey momma with a baby monkey on her back that decided she needed to cross the road! All the horses, cows, pigs, dogs and chickens along the way didn’t cause any problems, but the monkey was fearless.

After brief stops for fuel, ice, groceries and lunch our journey continued toward Rio Blanco. We arrived at Hotel Bosawas in Rio Blanco at about 4:00pm to drop off our luggage and then continued on to the Mission property. Once we arrived at the Mission property, we started the process of unloading the missionary’s belongings and assembled some items for the Mission property (shelving, table, fan, etc.) while our spaghetti supper was being prepared.

After supper we ended the night with a devotion from Philippians 1 brought by our missionary and singing several worship songs in English and Spanish with Jason leading us on the guitar.

The Mission property is located right on the river with a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains. Listening to the running water of the river while looking toward the mountain skies leaves us in awe of the Magnificent Creator. There is much work to be done in the coming days and years on the Mission property, in the existing village churches and in the churches to be planted in additional villages. We are humbled that our great God is giving us the privilege of having a small part in proclaiming the gospel in and around Rio Blanco. Please continue to pray for the team and that Jesus will receive glory from this trip.

Because EVERYONE needs to hear the gospel,

Nicaragua 2017 Team…

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Nicaragua – Saturday 9/23


We have arrived in Managua, Nicaragua! Please be in prayer for Pastor Michael, Tim, Jason and Pastor Dwayne this week. We will spend the night in Managua tonight and make the 4 hour ride tomorrow morning to Rio Blanco, Matagalpa, Nicaragua. We will help our missionaries, Billy and Debbie Ray, move in and do some work on the mission house and the pastor training building while we are here. We also plan to canvas and prayer walk at least one village where we hope to help plant a church in the coming years. We will worship and serve with our Nicaraguan brothers and sisters. The enemy, language barrier, traffic, food safety, sanitation, terrain and weather are all obstacles facing us – so we truly covet your prayers. Pray for safety, strength and God’s favor on us. Pray for those we will encounter to be receptive to the gospel. Pray God does a work IN us and THROUGH us. Pray for our wives and children at home. We are expecting thunder storms the entire time we are here, so we may not have electricity and/or cell service, but we will post updates as we can. We will miss being at church in the morning with our Summer Grove faith family, but are praying that God would be glorified, souls saved and lives changed in all services!
Because HE lives,
Nicaragua 2017 Team

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Honduras Friday and Saturday

It is Saturday night and our trip has come to the last night. Friday we worked in two groups. One group had a man that prayed to receive Christ as Lord and Savior after their discussion with him. What a blessing that was. The group that spent time with this man also put in floors in three rooms of a home as well as putting a porch on the house. Our other group spent Friday at the Ignite Missions property in Tatumbla putting in footers for a dorm that will be constructed soon. Saturday morning all 10 of us went to the Ignite Missions property and did various projects including painting Dorm 1, finishing the footers on Dorm 2, and orgainizing sheet rock and lumber in the bodega (storage building). Saturday night we toured and shopped in The Valley of the Angels where we purchased souvenirs for our families! Following that, we enjoyed a wonderful dinner at an outdoor pizza restaurant in Zomorano Valley. Sunday we fly home through Atlanta and hopefully will land at 10:15PM with all of our luggage! Thanks for your prayers this week!…

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